2nd Annual MEAN GIRLS Movie Night! 5/18

This Friday, May 18, from 5pm-8pm will be the QSA’s 2nd Annual MEAN GIRLS movie night!!!  There is going to be games, food, laughing, tons of quoting, and just a great time.  It’s a potluck so bring something delicious for us to enjoy!  Oh! And this Friday we wear PINK!!! It’s not mandatory but it would be awesome.

IF you have any questions send us a message on here or to our email at sccqsa@gmail.com

May 8th meeting

At yesterday’s meeting we accomplished quite a lot! Here’s what you missed:

  1. The second annual Mean Girls Movie Night was discussed. This event will be happening next Friday (5/18/12) in the Cultural Awareness Center from 5-8 PM. It’s a potluck event, so bring your tastiest edible treats!
  2. Summer Trip! We’ve decided on Muir Beach at Marin Headlands on May 30. The charge for this trip will be your soul. but no, really, it’s free. We will be leaving from the bookstore at 11 AM SHARP. We will have no problem leaving without you. Bring a lunch for yourself, a barbecue dinner will be provided along with a kick-butt bonfire.
  3. Officers! They were officially announced. As expected, Melony will be our lovely leader in the spot of president, Tara will be her second in command in the position of VP, Manny makes his officer debut as secretary, and your’s truly, Amanda, will be taking on the role of treasurer.
  4. Summer Consitutional Committee — we desperately need an updated constitution and have decided to recruit a committee to make sure everything necessary is written in. If you don’t participate, you have no say. We could write in amendments stating that anyone arriving late must sing in front of the club. So we recommend that you come and collaborate on the constitution!
  5. And then we ate pizza. It was good pizza. You missed it.